Divine Dispatches: Extraordinary Missionary Experiences

April 16, 2023
Divine Dispatches: Extraordinary Missionary Experiences
Show Notes

Welcome to this podcast episode,  "Divine Dispatches: Extraordinary Missionary Experiences." 

Gary and Jason share their personal experiences with the supernatural in this podcast. Despite not being superstitious or having Pentecostal leanings, Gary and Jason have experienced some incredible encounters on the field.

They will share some of their most memorable experiences, from gringos in the back of Sarah Sykes' car to witnessing inexplicable protection. These experiences can only be explained as divine intervention.

Gary and Jason will discuss some of their experiences where they have seen God's protection over them. They will share how their faith has been a constant source of strength and protection on their journey.

One interesting point that Gary and Jason discuss is the prevalence of dark and occult activity outside of the United States. They explain that in some cultures, there is open worship of darkness and occult practices that can lead to increased supernatural activity. 

Jason shares his experiences living in Venezuela, where there was very open satanic worship, and how this affected the spiritual climate of the country. They also discuss the strong voodoo influence in the Dominican Republic, stemming from neighboring Haiti.

If you're interested in the intersection of faith and the supernatural, this podcast episode is for you. 

Listen to this episode, "Divine Dispatches: Extraordinary Missionary Experiences," to hear some incredible stories about divine protection and encounters with the supernatural world.