Dominican Dynamics - Loud Music And A Lively Gospel

January 29, 2024 Jason
Dominican Dynamics - Loud Music And A Lively Gospel
Show Notes

In this episode, both Gary and Jason talk about some of the things that can be a bit frustrating at times; like loud music!

Latin cultures love their loud music. Often times the music is so loud that the people who are listening to it cannot even talk with each other because of the volume. 

Although the loud music can be a bit frustrating at times, this love for loud also spills into other areas of Dominican culture like street preaching. 

There are many street preachers in the Dominican who preach and yell so loud that it is nearly impossible to understand what they are saying! 

The discussion of loud music and loud preaching led Jason and Gary down the trail of discussing how we contextualize the gospel in a way that it is understood. 

Contextualization had nothing to do with a compromise on doctrine, but rather the manner in which the gospel is presented so that the hearer can understand in their own cultural way.

Don't worry! Gary and Jason didn't convert into wind-sucking preachers who yell at every street corner, but their observations of culture do play a significant part in how they prepare and share.

Listen to how contextualization is important in every culture including American culture!